Foreigners are attracted to the United States for different reasons. The strongest motivator is the American dream followed by the security of investing in the United States. The desire to work and reside with your family in the United States is overwhelming to many. Despite the recent tales of economic woes, the strength of the United States economy has great attraction for the world. The United States as the biggest, strongest and the most vibrant economy in the world attracts individuals interested in pursuing a better life, purchasing a business or investing in the United States.

ON Law has a wealth of experience and competent attorneys who assist clients with immigration law in the areas of citizenship, green cards through employment or family, asylum, deportation/removal, investment visas (EB-5), non-immigrant visas and visas for extended family members.

Our attorneys work with individuals and businesses and advise them on the legal options available to them. ON Law advises business clients on ways to structure their investments and business ventures in order to benefit from Immigration reliefs available. ON Law assist individuals with pre-immigration tax planning to minimize the impact of income, estate and gift taxes.

Our attorneys assist clients with the acquisition of a United States business enterprise and business franchise. This enables our clients to satisfy the visa law and still maximize capital. This process entails utilizing various temporary as well as permanent residency visas in order to allow foreign persons to work and reside with their families in the United States.

Many of our clients have family members who live both within and outside the United States, and whose investments and business are on both sides of the border. Therefore, we assist our clients to set up trust accounts for business and family planning purposes; such as the Children’s education funding.